Okuma Spaceturn CNC Lathe

The Okuma CNC Lathe is the tool of choice for doing revolved (round) objects. The LB3000 EXII also has live tooling on the y axis which means it can perform milling operations too. The most common materials we use in the machine are aluminium, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and engineering plastics.

The Lathe can be programmed either on the controller, or by the use of CAM (computer aided machining) packages such as SolidCam. It has a tool setter, parts catcher and swarf conveyor making it a production machine.

The Advantage of the CNC lathe over a conventional one is the ability to achieve complex shapes, to a high level of accuracy. 

Training Required

Ask Staff for Assitance

Machining Diameter (Max.)

410 mm or 16.14 in

Machining Length (Max.)​

500 mm or 19.69 in


Metals and Engineering Plastics

Other Robotics & CNC

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