Your True Colours

A guide to 3D colour printing using the ZCorp 650

We’re Not In Kansas Anymore…

Remember when you first watched The Wizard of Oz? Think back to when Dorothy is whisked away by a tornado in her monochrome surroundings, only to pleasantly surprise us when she opens her front door to reveal an amazing world in Technicolor!

As marvelous as 3d printing is, the use of colour has not always been possible. In fact most established 3D printers were monochrome with only a few capable of printing  coloured objects.

For printers that were capable of producing colour models, they were pre designed to only print with a particular range of colours. Just like the classical film, the absence of colour denied most 3D fabricated objects life and veracity.

ColorJet Printing technology has played a significant role in offering unique colour options for models requiring that ‘edge’ in an ever competitive industry. At the ProtoLab there are numerous 3D printing machines along with its very own ProJet660 Colour Printer! This printer is designed to use VisiJet PXL materials, which not only enhance the colour accuracy of models but also enables printing at much higher resolution.

The ProJet660 possesses many outstanding features. The printers for instance can take inputs sent through various file formats such as 3DS, VRML and STL among many others. This allows the user to work with file formats that they best prefer without the negative experiences of files being rejected by the printer’s software.

When compared to conventional 3D printers which tend to print a limited colour range, the ProJet660 allows enthusiast’s to design and produce vibrant objects and realistic prototypes. This also saves a lot of time with masking, spray painting and drying. This by no means replaces traditional painting methods, but decreases the time it takes to have a fully realized model from concept on paper to a full colour tangible product. Just like Dorothy stepping into Oz for the first time, colour prototypes always attract a crowd and give life to other wise black and white objects. Basically with this printer, your imagination is the limit as far as colour preference and choice is concerned.

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