Multicam CNC Router

Common in furniture and cabinet making, this 3 axis (x,y,z) CNC has vacuum hold down and capacity to take a full 2440mm x 1220mm sheet. It has 8 programmable tool holders where we can program the machine to come and change tools during the middle of a job. It also has the capacity to do complex shapes and geometry as determined by the software programming it. We can use the machine for plywoods, hardwood, blue foam, and high density polyurethane foam. One of the biggest limiting factors is the overall Z height being ony 150mm total, so if you have a cutter 75mm long and a machining depth of 75mm then you have maxed out the z height.

If you require parts to be greater than 75mm in height then you may have to split it up into several pieces, machine them and join them afterwards. We predominantly use solidCAM to create our toolpaths and CNC code as it integrates with solidworks well and we get good support from the company when needed. 

You can lay your parts out in an assembly file ready for CNC machining with all your parts mated onto one plane, and with a minimum of 7mm between parts. This will ensure we can fit a cutter in between when profiling around the part. One main advantage of CNC machining is you can achieve complex geometry and maintain accuracy over the whole table. Once programmed you can call up the program as many times as required and cut over and over again.

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