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andrew tarlinton

MANAGER of Technical services, design & architecture

Background in Industrial design and scientific instrument making, loves anything sport related and outdoors. If you have technical CNC questions, or suggestions on better ways to run the workshop see Andrew.


design technical officer

The Ideas guy. Mark has a bachelor degree in Industrial Design and has been working in various workshops for most of his life. He can help you utilise technology as a tool, and develop manual skills to best meet your design solution. 

MIchael Hall

design technical officer

With a history in ceramics, sculpture, boiler making and art. Michael is your go to for expert advice in this area. Coupled with 25yrs+ of design workshop experience he has a broad technical knowledge base.

Eric choi

design technical officer

3d printing guru. Eric has a degree in mechanical engineering and has worked with some of the biggest companies around the world to prototype using additive manufacturing. He has had experience running 3d printing conferences globally and writing columns in 3d CAD & Graphics magazine (Korea). Often spends the weekend on the golf course, fishing or surfing.

Tracey Nguyen

design technical officer

Master of Design Innovation & Technology. Bachelor of Environments (Architecture Major). Tracey has a technical mind with a can-do attitude. Able to drive our new kuka robots by coupling with Rhino & Grasshopper. 


prototyping coach

 Master of Architecture. Bachelor of Environments (Architecture Major).    Ravi is an expert in Parametric Design using Arduino, Rhino & Grasshopper. Aiding students and staff in Design Factory and ProtoLAB. 

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